About Us

Web Gift Guide is a tool that was created when we realized that there aren’t a lot of places to go on the web to find unique gift ideas. Our site focuses on finding gifts for unique occasions- whether it be a retirement, MBA graduation, study abroad, or even a Peace Corps care package. We’ve browsed all over the web to find the most creative gift ideas and compiled them in an easy-to-use website to fulfill all of your gift giving needs!

Web Gift Guide was designed and created by Aptech Designs. Aptech Designs went into business as a small company in May of 2004, but ever since it has grown tremendously and is  now headquartered in Houston, TX. This company resulted from months of dreams, hopes, and vigorous planning.  The idea was to create a company  that put customers’ first, offered them  inexpensive services, and provided them with the same superior quality that can be expected from a high-end professional  corporation.  We still remain true to our original vision and have since expanded our work to include social websites including this web gift guide and a teen suicide prevention website.

For any questions, concerns, or comments that you want addressed to Aptech Designs, please e-mail [email protected]